• 005 – The Dolls of Instagram With Mimi Boyd

    In this episode of the podcast we speak with our very first Guest Mimi Boyd. Mimi spends her time following a passion for photography, more specifically American Girl doll photography.

  • 004 – Mini Moments Summer 2019

    In this episode of Amazing Moments we go over our “Mini-Moments” from summer 2019. Limos, Rock Concerts, and so much more; plus we take our first listener voicemail! This episode is anything but mini!

  • 003 – The Wonderful World of Disney

    In our 3rd episode, we dive into Blake's journey around the world as he successfully completed a lifelong goal of visiting all 12 Disney Parks in 2017. We'll speak about some Amazing Moments along the way, talk about the parks, and then dive into the moment when you complete a major bucket-list item. So remain seated and keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the podcast at all times!

  • 002 – From Accidental Influencer to Accidental Model

    Just when we thought the Amazing Moment discussed in episode one couldn't get any better, Stephen surprises us all with a continuation of last time's story that you won't want to miss.

  • 001 – Accidentally Becoming Influencers

    In our inaugural episode, hosts Blake Lawton and Stephen Edvi talk about the time they accidentally became influencers for one of the worlds largest theme park and entertainment companies...

  • Amazing Moments: The Trailer

    In this series preview I introduce the Amazing Moments Podcast. Amazing Moments will be a twice monthly show on some of life's most Amazing Moments, featuring stories from a wide variety of guests and of course my co-host Stephen Edvi.


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